• Why Do You Need To Notarize Documents?

    The need to notarize exists only for definite types of documents, which confirm their importance or significance based on their character and above all on their effects. The law asks the below documents to be notarized so that their scope can be attained:

    Regardless of the fact that in some regions the rule to notarize documents seems to be a very general issue like the real estate, loans etc., but in other cases it is not as usually met, for instance the signing of a will, power of attorney etc. and it obviously is a mystifying and unidentified process. For the people, who have been through this process only a few times in their lives, for them the need for documents to be notarized is still an ambiguity.

    In nut shells, getting your papers notarized indicates that a person (obviously a notary public) must be there on the spot signing the documents and confirm to the identity and wish of the party/parties concerned. A likely question is: why do you require getting your documents notarized or this outside person?

    The answers are quite simple and straight. Given the significance and effects of the documents completed and signed, the notarization process involves these 3 purposes:

    1. To be evidence of the fact that the parties as in the document are correctly recognized, explicitly they actually are who they claim to be;

    2. To scrutinize and assure the wish of the parties concerned, i.e. no one is strained into signing legally compulsory documents or that no one is incompetent to understand the results of their actions;

    3. To give the completed document a proper way to be subsequently confirmed in an autonomous way, by way of the notary public’s journal.


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